Bacolod City, Philippines

Bacolod City, Philippines - A Gees Travel Guide and Adventure

Bacolod City, famously known as City of Smile in the Philippines. We flew from Cebu to Bacolod City last 21 July 2018 primarily to attend a friend’s wedding. But prior to that day, we had our city tour which would be considered a short family vacation.

where is bacolod city

Bacolod City is located on the northwest coast of Negros Island in the Philippines.  It is the capital of Negros Occidental and also known as the sugar capital of the Philippines mainly because of the thousands sugar canes farms which can be seen all over the place.  

best tme to visit bacolod

Since Bacolod is part of the Philippines, it has a tropical season. Rainy months cover the period from June to November while March to May is the hottest months. We went to Bacolod on 3rd week of July and the weather was expected to be rainy. When we arrived at the airport we were greeted with a heavy downpour of rain, and after an hour the rain settles. It was cloudy most of the time during our 3-day stay in Bacolod. It was an advantage as we don’t need to worry about the scorching heat of the sun exploring the place, but during our second day, it rained the whole morning so we were stuck at the hotel and waited for the rain to stop.

Bacolod is also famous for its Masskara Festival which is celebrated every 4th Sunday of October. It is a celebration where all participants joining the parade are wearing a mask with smiling faces.


There are two airlines that cater Bacolod City; Philippine Airlines and Cebu Pacific both have a daily flights schedule. For us, we were able to book our two-way tickets through Philippine Airlines since there was a promotion during the time we purchased the tickets online. Together with my husband and two-kids the total two-way airfare was around P7,613. It was only a short 30 minutes flight duration from Mactan-Cebu airport. We departed at 6:30 in the morning and reached Bacolod-Silay airport by 7 am. Bacolod-Silay airport is located 16km from Bacolod city and it is a 30mins drive. Local taxi fare from airport to Bacolod is charge at P500.


Bacolod City mode of transportation is by bus, taxi, jeepneys and private vehicles. Public Buses are used when traveling from one city to another within Negros island. While local jeepneys and taxi are used within the city. For us, we are lucky enough since my husband college classmate and friend of mine is staying in Bacolod thus we are able to hitch for the most of our transport. Actually, they are the one who shows and toured us around Bacolod places of interest.


Our hotel was booked through Agoda for two nights. We stayed at The Bell Hotel which situated near the city center, mall, and church. The package we avail was a Standard room which includes free breakfast.

The Bell Hotel
18 San Juan Street, Barangay 13, Bacolod
Room Rate: P2400/night

Upon arrival at the airport, we waited for the rain to settle then headed directly to our hotel and have a quick rest. We arrived at the hotel past 9 in the morning and check-in our baggage, rest and took breakfast.

Places that we have eaten

Aboys Restaurant  | Singcang, Liroville Subd

It is a homegrown restaurant that served Filipino local cuisine like Lechon paksiw, Bicol express, grilled fish, pork and bulalo soup. The restaurant ambiance was good and the place was big that cater to hundreds of guest.  The taste was good and not too expensive. Price of the food ranges from P70-P400.
How to get there:
The best way to visit the place is to ride a taxi or private car since the location is quite far from the main access road.
Opening Hours:  9am-10pm (Daily)
For more details please click here.

Nena’s Rose Chicken Inasal  | No. 6 Burgos Extension

Bacolod visit won’t be complete without trying their famous chicken inasal.  We decided to dine at Nena’s Rose Chicken Inasal.  We ordered chicken bbq breast, thigh, garlic rice, and fresh oyster or “talaba. The chicken inasal was savory and delicious without adding any sauces. Price of the food ranges from P15-P110.
Opening Hours:  9:00am-10:00pm (Daily)

Quan | 74 San Juan St

Quan is known for its local food delicacies. It was Sunday, our second day stay in Bacolod where we had our lunch at Quan since it was a rainy morning and the place was just walking distance from our hotel. The cafe was small and beautiful with innovative interior design and lighting. We ordered puto, mammon, cuchinta, and cassava cake, also aside from their delicacies, they offered other meals which includes palabok, lomi, braised meat. So far, they had the best delicacies we’ve tasted.

Felicias Pastry Shop | 6th Street

Felicias Pasty shop is known for cakes and pastries in Bacolod. We had our coffee and tasted their chocolate cake. It was not too sweet, pleasing and delectable.

Calea  | Lourdes Bldg., Lacson Street

It was Sunday evening and after the wedding, we tasted Calea’s best cake. They were firstly popular years ago in Bacolod. We ordered ice cream chocolate cake and definitely, it was tasteful and mouth-watering. I believe the chocolate was well refined and very rich.

Places that we have been

First Day

Campuestuhan Highlands Resort | Talisay City, Negros Occidental

Campuestuhan caters to people with different interest, where families and friends can unwind and enjoy. They offer lodging houses and day accommodation 
Ride in a sky bike, do the zip line, rope course, horseback riding, hamster wheel, grand carousel, and mini train. After your outdoor activities, you can eat at the restaurant pavilion but you can bring food as well.
We went and explored the place at around 12 pm, we were lucky the weather was good enough for our kids to enjoy and swim on their wave pool.
Entrance Fee: 150php (Adult and Children above 2 years old) | Opening Hours: 7:00am-6:00pm (Day Trips)

The Ruins | Talisay City, Negros Occidental

The Ruins is an ancestral house by the family of Don Mariano Ledesma Lacson and Maria Braga Lacson.  Its structure is preserved where the mansion is built in a huge land.
         We went there on late afternoon past 5 pm where it was not too sunny.
How to get there:
Riding local jeepney will be quite a hassle as the place is located far from the main road. It is recommended to hire a private car or ride taxi that which will usually cost at around P300. 
Entrance Fee: P100  | Opening Hours: 8am-8pm (Daily)

Second Day

San Sebastian Cathedral | Rizal Street, Bacolod City

The San Sebastian Cathedral is a late 19th-century church in Bacolod City, Negros Occidental in the Philippines
As a Catholic, we visited the cathedral to give thanks. It was walking distance from our hotel. It is an old church known as Bacolod cathedral and considered as a seat of power in Negros Occidental. Its structure represents its beauty and grandeur.

Where to buy Pasalubong

Bong Bong’s and Merczi

On almost every famous street in Bacolod, we can see this local shops that are selling local food delicacies. For us, nothing beats Bong Bong’s Piaya and Butterscotch. On the other hand, Merczi Napoleones and Biscocho are our highly recommended delights.

Bacolod, PHilippines

Soon, we will be back to explore the wonderful city, warm culture and delicious food.   And hopefully, we can experience to travel by land with the kids but maybe not too soon because for sure they will get tired immediately to sit in the bus for long hours. We had fun and enjoyed our short trip.

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Please check below our Bacolod Guide and itinerary 3 Days + 2 Nights for reference.



  • 05:00am  Early Breakfast
  • 06:00am  Depart Cebu
                       PAL Express PR 2285
  • 06:45am  ETA Bacolod Silay Airport
  • 07:15am   Head to Hotel
                      Taxi Fare: PHP 500
  • 08:00am  ETA Hotel
                       Drop Off Baggage Check IN
                       The Bell Hotel
  • 09:00am  Head to Pickup Point
                      Campuestohan Highland Resort
                      Duration: 30-40 mins ride
  • 10:00am  ETA Campuestohan Resort
                      Entrance Fee: PHP 150
  • 12:00pm Lunch
  • 03:00pm Depart Campuestohan Resort
                      Head to Hotel
  • 04:00pm ETA Hotel
  • 06:00pm Dinner
                      Manokan Country
  • 08:00pm Head to Calea
  • 09:30pm Head to Hotel


  • 06:30am Wake Up.Ready
  • 07:30am Breakfast
  • 08:30am Head to Church
                      San Sebastian Cathedral
  • 09:00am Attend Church Mass
  • 10:30am  ETD to The Ruins
  • 11:00am   ETA The Ruins
                      Entrance Fee: PHP 100
  • 12:30pm  Lunch
                      Back to Hotel
  • 03:00pm Head to LFisher Hotel
                      Attend Wedding Ceremony
  • 06:30pm Dinner
  • 08:00pm Head back to Hotel
  • 09:00pm Sleep.Rest


  • 04:00am Wake Up.Ready
  • 04:45am  Check out Hotel
                       ETD to Bacolod Silay Airport
                       Taxi Fare: PHP 500
  • 05:30:am  ETA Bacolod Silay Airport
                       PAL Express 2285
  • 07:00am   ETD Depart  
  • 07:45am   ETA Mactan-Cebu Intl Airport
  • 10:30am    Home

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