Cebu South Travel Guide

Cebu South, Philippines - A Gees Travel Guide and Adventure

Cebu is known as the “queen city of the south” in the Philippines. Our trip will be going to the places of Cebu South which is part of Cebu island where a list of nature and adventure experience awaits for each traveler or tourist. There are a lot of places to discover and unwind in Cebu from beaches, food, spots and history.
One of the highlight is to witness the gentle whale sharks that swim on a nearby coast of Oslob, to climb the mountain peaks of Dalaguete and visit white sand beaches. These are a few of the many places to visit. However, you can also drop by to different towns along the way going to the south and indulge in their local variety of food specialty.

how to enter CEBU SOUTH

All foreign visitor must hold a passport that has a validity of six( 6) months prior to expiry. Visitors are required to obtain a visa depends on the no. of days you will stay but there are some foreign nationals that are exempted to obtain a visa. You may refer to Philippine government entry requirements here :

best time to travel CEBU SOUTH

Cebu has a tropical climate consists of Summer and Rainy season. A visit to Cebu during the months of July to August will not be as good due to rainy season will be in full swing. Mostly it will have some grey skies, thunderstorms and even typhoons. Recommended time to travel to Cebu will be during the Summer period which happen on the month of March to May where it is hot and humid. Also one of the great festivities and highlight in Cebu is during the month of January where Sinulog Festival is celebrated. This time the influx of the number of traveler will be more compare to the other months.

how to get there

If you are coming from Mactan Cebu International Airport, going to South Cebu can be accessible with the below recommendation.

1. Ride taxi and informed the taxi driver that you are heading to Cebu South Bus Terminal. Depending on the traffic, estimated travel time will be around 45mins and fare of roughly P300.

2. Once reached at South Bus terminal, take a bus that is bound for OSLOB or LILOAN. Make sure to choose an air conditioned-bus because it is a long journey.

3. Bus fare would be around P400, and estimated travel time would be around 5-6 hours.


Cebu South can be explore in different ways, below are the common and mostly used mode of transportation in discovering places of interest.

Bus: It is the most cheapest way to travel within south of Cebu. Cebu has two(2) main bus terminals with each destined to both North and South areas. If you are heading to explore the southern part of Cebu (Argao, Badian, Oslob, Carcar) Cebu Bus Terminal is the place you will need to go. On the other hand, if are going to northern part of the Cebu (Malapascua Island, Bantayan Island, San Remigio, Danan) North Bus Terminal is the place you need to go. There are two types of bus in Cebu: Air-con and Non-Air-con | Air-con is more expensive compare to Non-Air-con ). The most convenient and recommended way if you are traveling for long is to ride the Air-con bus. Fare usually range from P60-P400 depends on the destination.

Private Cars/Vans: Riding private cars/vans is more expensive compared to taking public bus. Typically the cost of this will be around P4,000-P5,000 depends on the number of locations/destination you need to visit in a day. This is ideal if you are a group of traveler, where it is convenient to visit the place at your own pace of time.

Motorcycle for Hire: It is use to travel in certain remote areas or in locations whereby access to road is limited only. Typically the range of fare would be around P30-P100 which also depends on the destination.


There are number of hotels available in Cebu, which caters from 5-star to 2-star ratings. Average range of hotel per night will be around P3,000 which sometimes include breakfast service. During our visit in Cebu, we stayed at Well Hotel which is located to nearby shops and mall. Our room is descent and clean which includes hot water, TV, mini-fridge. We paid P2,000 per night which includes breakfast. For more details please check website link.

Well Hotel
F. Ramos St, Cebu City

Places that we have been

First Day

Osmena Peak | Badian, Cebu

One of the highest peak in the island of Cebu with an elevation of around 1,000m above sea level. It is a ruggedly mountain peaks famous for hikers and campers. On on the top, you will be able to witness the breathtaking 360-degree view of the entire island. We have seen the beauty of nature at its peak.
How to get there:
Ride a bus that is bound to Oslob/Bato at the Cebu South Bus Terminal. Travel time is about 3 hours and fare of P150. Inform the bus driver or conductor to drop you off at the Dalaguete junction heading to Osmena Peak. From the junction, ask a motorcycle-for-hire (habal-habal for locals) to take you to the Osmena Peak. Motorcycle travel time: 10-15mins and Fare: P100 one-way.

Entrance Fee: FREE | Opening Hours: Daily (5:00 am-6:00 pm)

Whale Shark Watching | Oslob, Cebu

The town of Oslob and it’s must-visit attraction-whale shark watching. A unique experience to have a close encounter with the sharks. Either you can swim with them under water or just sit by the boat and watch them play.
How to get there:
Ride a bus that is bound to Oslob/Bato at the Cebu South Bus Terminal. Travel time is about 5 hours and fare of P250. Inform the bus driver or conductor to drop you off at the Whale Shark watching.

Entrance Fee: 
Foreigners: P500 – Watching from the boat | P1,000 – snorkeling | P1,500 – Scuba diving
Locals: P300 – Watching from the boat | P500 – snorkeling | P600 – Scuba diving
Opening Hours
: Daily (7:00 am-12:00 pm)

Obong Cold Spring | Dalaguete, Cebu

Obong Cold Spring is a mixture of salt and fresh water which during high tide the continuous flow of fresh water combines with salt water, thus making the water briny. The place has gained popularity for a number of years as hundreds of tourists and locals love to stop by and take a plunge into the cold waters. The spring is surrounded by large rocks, which are often used as diving platforms by swimmers and old century-old dalakit trees beside the pool.
How to get there:
Ride a bus that is bound to Oslob/Bato at the Cebu South Bus Terminal. Travel time is about 2-3 hours and fare of P120. Inform the bus driver or conductor to drop you off at the Obong Spring Dalaguete.

Entrance Fee: P5.00  | Daily (5:00 am-6:00 pm)

Kawasan Falls | Badian, Cebu

One of the most popular waterfalls in Cebu with three layers of falls. The water from the Kawasan Falls comes from the Kabukalan Spring and passes through the Matutinao River and Tanon Strait. It has an amazing beauty which you can dine in a tropical forest and you will enjoy the cold crystal clear waters.

How to get there:
Ride a bus that is bound to  Bato (Santander) via Barili at the Cebu South Bus Terminal. Travel time is about 4 hours and fare starts at P110-P130. Inform the bus driver or conductor to drop you off at Barangay Matutinao at the main road going to Kawasan Falls in Badian and trek for 10 minutes.

Entrance Fee: P40.00  | Daily (24 hrs.)

Basdako White Beach | Moalboal, Cebu

The name “basdaku” (or “basdakoo) is the Cebuano (Visayan language), the word ‘big sand’ (bas for sand, daku for big or wide).  Travelers would love the beach for it’s pristine waters and a stretch of long white beach.

How to get there:
Ride a bus that is bound to Bato via Barili at the Cebu South Bus Terminal. Travel time is about 3 hours and fare of P150-P175. Inform the bus driver or conductor to drop you off at Gaisano Grand Mall Moalboal or Moalboal town proper, hire a tricycle or a motorbike (habal habal) then tell the driver to bring you to Basdaku/White Beach. Regular fare is P30 per person but if you are less than 5, you will most likely pay P50 each.

Entrance Fee: P5.00  | Daily (5:00 am-6:00 pm)

On Top of Osmena Peak

We had a great time in visiting Cebu. The weather cooperated because it was not raining. We appreciated the abundance of nature and marine wildlife in our environment and how residents preserved its purpose upon visiting the places. We explored hidden wonders of the south which can be amazing. There are still a lot of places to visit aside from our one day fun filled activities. If you are a tourist or a traveler, you would definitely explore more of what Cebu south has to offer or may lengthen your stay.

Connect with Us

Please check below our Day Tour on Cebu South Itinerary for reference.

  • 03:00am Wake Up
  • 03:30am  Head Bus Terminal
                      Ride Taxi
                      Cebu South Bus
  • 04:00am Ride Ceres Bus
                       Head to Oslob
  • 04:30am Depart Cebu
  • 09:30am ETA Oslob
                     Head to Whale Watching
  • 09:45am Registration and Orientation
                     Fee: P500 (Inclusive)
                     30 mins boat ride + life vest
                     Snorkel Rental: P50     
  • 10:00am Ride Boat
                     Snorkel and Swim
                     with Whale Shark
  • 10:30am Head to back to shore
  • 10:45am Swim on the shore
  • 12:15pm Lunch
  • 12:30pm Head to Resort
                    Ride Ceres
  • 01:15pm ETA Resort
                   Walk 10 mins
                   Swim on Lagoon
  • 02:30pm Depart
                      Ride Bus
                      Head to Osmena Peak
  • 03:30pm ETA
                      Ride Motorcycle
                      ETA Foot of Mountain
  • 04:00pm Hike
                      Explore the View on Top
  • 04:45pm Descend
                      Ride Motorcycle
  • 05:15pm Ride Ceres bus
                     Head to Cebu
  • 10:00pm ETA Cebu
  • 10:45pm Sleep

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