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Taipei, Taiwan - A Gees Travel Guide and Adventure

Finally! Gees Travel trips to Taipei, Taiwan. We decided to travel to Taipei, Taiwan last 28 June 2018 mainly because the country was having a visa-free travel for Philippine nationals, apart from that is to celebrate our daughters birthday and our post anniversary. It was a blast experience exploring Taipei’s landmarks Taipei’s 101 Tower, Chiang Kai Shek Memorial Palace, Shifen, Jiufen, Yehliu Geo Park, Yangmingshan Park.

how to enter taipei

Starting from Nov. 1, 2017, Philippine nationals are eligible to travel to the Republic of China (Taiwan) completely visa-free for 14 days. Philippine nationals can visit Taiwan visa-free, just similar to Singapore or Hong Kong. This visa-free initiative has extended until July 31, 2019, for a further review.

Taiwan is now within reach of Filipinos, as visa-free travel is quite simple. Similar to Singapore and Hong Kong, you can just go to airports to check-in with your passport and return tickets. The passport must have a remaining validity of at least six months. You should have either return tickets, cruise ship ticket or on-going tickets to another destination, and an accommodation booking in Taiwan. Source:

best time to travel taipei

The weather was hot when we reached Taiwan and it was unpredictable because it was raining in the afternoon so we had prepared umbrellas during the travel. June to September is mostly hot and humid. Typhoons occur in July, August, and September while November to March is winter season.

how to get there

We booked our flights through Air Asia and Cebu Pacific that is good for 2 adults and a 3 yrs. old child.  Our flight to Taipei was through AirAsia and the fare was at fare P7, 670 while our return flight was also from AirAsia but this time we flew from Taipei to Manila due to Taipei to Cebu fare is quite expensive on that day.  We were able to get promo rate of P4, 290 on Taipei to Manila.  Our  connecting flight from Manila to Cebu was from Cebu Pacific at P3, 297.

Other airlines that cater Cebu to Taipei connections includes, Philippine Airlines, China Airlines and EVA Air.  You can check promotions if you have a specific budget for the tickets.

taipei internet

If you want convenience while exploring Taipei without bringing those booklets and flyers, you can buy a sim. So, we purchased the sim through Klook around S$15 to access the internet. This sim package is already using 4G and it good for 5 days, once inserted on the handphone the customer service will help to activate the sim card. The internet connection and speed are pretty fast, and the signal coverage on almost places that we have visited was good,


The best way to get around Taipei is to use their public transportation (train, bus, taxi). The efficient way to do it is by taking the train and this will also avoid congestion. Upon our arrival at the airport, we headed down to the train station which at the ground floor of the airport and bought our individual one-way ticket to Taipei Main Station. The ticket rate is determined by the distance which will cost you around 12-40php. You will purchase the ticket in the machine and you will be given a token for your train entrance and exit.

You can also purchase MRT cards/Metro pass around 110-450php, which terms and conditions apply. Seek assistance at the metro train customer service to know more about their passes.


We booked our hotel through Agoda at Tomorrow Hotel for two(2) nights. The hotel is ideally located in the heart of the city Taipei-Xi mending, and a walking distance to Ximen train station. The lobby has a 24-hour access to convenience store 7/11 and Watson.

Tomorrow Hotel
No.23, Chengdu Rd, Ximending Taipei Taiwan 10843
Room Rate: S$ 65/night

Places that we have eaten

Taipei, Taiwan
Taipei, Taiwan
Taipei, Taiwan

Beef Noodle Soup
No. 69, Luoyang Street, Wanhua Dist, Taipei 108, Taiwan

Modern Toilet Restaurant
2F., No.7, Ln. 50, Xining S. Rd., Wanhua Dist., Taipei City 108, Taiwan

Ximending Night Market
No. 10, Emei St, Wanhua District, Taipei City 108, Taiwan

Shillin Night Market
No. 101, Jihe Road, Shilin District, Taipei City 111, Taiwan

We didn’t forget to buy the famous bubble milk tea and green tea in Taipei which actually had a great taste.

Places that we have been

First Day

288 Peace Memorial Park | 100, Zhongzheng District

It is Taipei’s municipal park that is closely located to Presidential Palace and Chiang Kai Shek Hall.
How To Get There:

Ride the train to NTU Hospital Station, one stop south of Taipei Main Station. Take the Exit 1 which will open up right into the park.
Entrance Fee: FREE | Opening Hours:  Tuesday – Sunday 10 AM – 5 PM (closed Monday)

Chiang Kai-Shek Hall Memorial | No. 21, Zhongshan South Road

How To Get There:
Ride train on either green/red line and alight at Chiang Kai-Shek Memorial station.
Entrance Fee: FREE | Opening hours: 09:00 AM to 6:00 PM (daily) Except for Chinese New Year Eve & Chinese New Year.

Elephant Mountain
It is the mountain located in the city commonly visit by locals and foreigners for hiking and to view the extraordinary landscape city of Taipei especially the Taipei101 tower.
How To Get There:

Ride the train and alight at Xiangshan station and then take Exit 2.  Walk straight and follow thee sign that directs to the foot of the mountain.
Entrance Fee: FREE | Opening hours: 24 hrs

Second Day

Yehliu Geopark, Jiufen, and ShifenTour
We booked this tour through Klook which includes Transport 16-seater bus, light snacks, and a tourist guide.

We woke up early in the morning and took our breakfast early also for us to prepare for this tour.  The meet-up point was at in front of Gakuden Bakery near to Ximen station at 730 am, where our scheduled tour will start at 8 am.

1st Stop: Yehliu Geo Park | Kangton Rd. Yeh Liu Village
It is a rock formation that is located on the north coast part of Taiwan.
Entrance Fee: NT$ 30 | Opening Hours: 8:00am-5:0opm (Daily)

2nd Stop: Yin Yang Sea | 226, Ruifang District
Located on the north part of Taiwan, it is a bay mix of yellow and blue water.

3rd Stop: Golden Waterfall | Jinshui Road, Ruifang District
Entrance Fee FREE | Opening Hours: 24 hrs

4th Stop: Jiufen Village | Jishan Street, Ruifang District
It is a small village that located on top of the mountain, where a number of local shops, foods, and souvenirs items are available.

5th Stop: Shifen Old Street | 226 Pingxi District
It is where the famous place in Taiwan where Chinese lantern is set to fly in the sky.
Lantern Price: Single Color: NT$ 180 | Multi-Colored: NT$ 200

It was a whole day tour and went back to the city at past 5 pm.  For us, it is recommended to avail on tour packages to this sites to avoid hassle the on taking public transport from one place to another.  We are able to book at the price at around S$ 30/pax for this one day tour.  It was good and fun.

Third Day

Yangmingshan National Park

It is one of the National parks in Taiwan that is located 40mins from the Taipei City. It is an uphill and mountainous park that has scenic beauty from mountains, volcano, and grassland.

How To Get There:
Ride the train and alight at Jiantan Station(R15), Take the Exit 1  and head to Bus North Bound: R5(Mini Bus) or <-S15-> S17 to Yangmingshan Station
Fare: NT$ 15 | Travel Time: ~40 mins.

Once we reached Yangmingshan Bus Station, we ride bus S108 located opposite of the bus terminal. This bus caters the service to all known landmarks within the park. The bus only caters up to a max of 18 passengers.
Fare: NT$ 15 (*per ride/trip) | Using Easy Card Fare: NT$ 8 /trip

It was our first destination in Yangmingshan Park, where we witness a volcano that produces smoke of sulfur.

After our visit to the volcano, we rode a bus at the nearby bus stop that leads us to QingTianGang.  When we arrive, we where surprised to see on the vast grassland, this place has to offer.  While walking we notice buffalo on the sides feeding their young ones and eating grass.

Taipei, Taiwan
Taipei, Taiwan
Taipei, Taiwan

We finished our third-day tour past 12 pm, then we head back to Jiantan Station and took our lunch at KFC around 1:30 pm which is nearby.   After which we went back to Xi mending District to watch a movie and do our last minute shopping and took our dinner. Our flight back home was at 1 am on 1st July. We were happy to explore Taipei for 3 days. A clean city and still have a lot of places to see.

Taipei, Taiwan

Connect with Us

Please check below our 3 Days + 2 Nights  Taipei-Taiwan Itinerary for reference.

3 Days + 2 Nights - TAIPEI ITINERARY


  • 07:00am Depart Mactan-Cebu Intl Airport
                      Air Asia Z2 7124
  • 10:00am  ETA Taoyuan Intl Airport
  • 10:30am  Immigration Clearance
  • 11:00am   Collect 5-Day 4G Sim Card
                      Puchase MRT Ticket
                      Airport to Taipei Main Station
                      Fare: NTD 160
  • 11:30am   ETA Taipei Main Station = Exit 6
                      Beef Noodle House
  • 12:30pm  Hotel Check IN
                      Tomorrow Hotel
  • 01:30pm  Walk to 2/28 Peace Park
  • 02:30pm Check out President Palace
  • 03:00pm Head to Chiang Kai-Shek Hall   
  • 04:30pm Ride MRT
                      Chiang Kai-Shek Hall 
                      Alight at Xiangshan MRT
  • 05:00pm Hike on top Elephant Mountain
  • 06:00pm Head back to Hotel. REST
  • 07:30pm Dinner
                      Modern Toilet Restaurant
  • 09:00pm Explore Ximending
  • 10:30pm  Head back to the Hotel
                      Rest. Sleep


  • 05:30am Wake Up.Ready
  • 06:30am Buffet Breakfast (Hotel)
  • 07:30am Heat to Meet Up
                      In front of Gakuden Bakery
  • 07:45:am Depart for Klook Tour
  • 08:30am ETA Yehliu Geopark. Explore
                      Entrance Fee: NTD80
  • 10:00am Depart Ying Yang Sea
  • 10:30am  ETA Ying Yang Sea
                      and Golden Waterfall
  • 11:15am    Depart to Jiufen Old Street
  • 11:30am   ETA Jiufen. Explore
  • 01:30pm  Depart to Shifen   
  • 02:30pm ETA Shifen
                      Sky Lantern: NTD 140
  • 03:40pm Depart Shifen
                      Head back to City
  • 04:45pm ETA City
                      Hotel & Rest
  • 06:30pm Head to Shilin Night Market
  • 09:30pm Back to the Hotel
                      Rest. Sleep


  • 06:30am Wake Up.Ready
  • 07:30am  Buffet Breakfast (Hotel)
  • 08:30am  Check out Hotel
                       Leave Baggage on Hotel
  • 09:00:am Depart Yangmingshan National
  • 09:45am  ETA Yangmingshan Park   
  • 10:00am   Ride bus to XiaoYouKeng
  • 10:30am   ETA XiaoYouKeng. [Volcano]    
  • 10:45am   Depart to QingTianGang
  • 11:00am    ETA QingTianGang
  • 11:45pm    Depart Yangmingshan  
  • 12:30pm   Lunch KFC 
                       Near Jiantan MRT
  • 01:30pm   Head to Ximending
  • 03:30pm  Watch Cinema
                       The Incredibles 2
  • 05:30pm   Last Minute Shopping
  • 06:30pm   Dinner
  • 08:30pm   Head to Taipei Main station
                        Ride MRT to Airport
  • 10:00pm    ETA Taoyuan Intl Airport
  • 10:30pm    Counter Check In
  • 02:00am   Depart Taoyuan Intl Airport
  • 04:00am   ETA Manila

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